Ismail White Gives Talk at CAAPS/American Politics Workshop

Ismail White, Associate Professor of Political Science at George Washington University, will give a talk on "Selling Out?: The Politics of Navigating Conflicts Between Racial Group Interest and Self-Interest." The talk will take place on Monday, November 17, from 4:10 to 5:30pm in the Lindsay Rogers Room, 707 International Affairs Building. Co-sponsored with the American Politics Workshop.

Race in America, 50 Years after CRA, A Conversation at the Brookings Institution Moderated by Fred Harris

CAAPS Director Fredrick C. Harris hosted a roundtable discussion on "Race in America: Reflections 50 Years after the Civil Rights Act," with Sheryll Cashin (Georgetown, Law), Rashad Robinson of Color of Change, Vesla Weaver (Yale, Political Science and African-American Studies), and Adam Serwer of BuzzFeed. You can view the discussion here:

Ira Katnelson Wins Woodrow Wilson Book Award and J.David Greenstone Award

Ira Katznelson's Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time received the Woodrow Wilson Award by the American Political Science Association (APSA). The award is given annually for the best book on government, politics, or international affairs. Fear Itself also received the J. David Greenstone Award for the best book in History and Politics. given by the Politics and History Section of the APSA.